A bronchoscopy is a procedure or test that allows the surgeon to examine your lungs and air passages, including the bronchi, which are the main pathways to the lungs. This procedure involves a surgical tool called a bronchoscope, which is inserted through your nose or mouth, down your throat, and into your lungs.

A bronchoscope is a thin, flexible fibre-optic tube that has a light and a camera on one end. This tube transmits live video images, which help the surgeon throughout the procedure.

When is a bronchoscopy done?

A bronchoscopy is normally performed to diagnose a lung problem. Dr Dongo may recommend a bronchoscopy if you experience a persistent cough or an abnormal chest X-ray. A bronchoscopy may be performed for reasons such as:

  • Diagnosing a lung problem
  • Identifying a lung infection
  • A biopsy of a lung tissue
  • Removing mucus, foreign body, or other obstruction that may occur in the airways or lungs, such as a tumour
  • Placement of a small tube or stent to open up the airway
  • Treating a lung problem such as bleeding, an abnormal narrowing of the airway or a collapsed lung ( pneumothorax)

How is a bronchoscopy done?

Dr Dongo will use bronchoscopy to either diagnose a condition or to remove foreign bodies in the airways.

  • Diagnosis
    During the procedure, Dr Dongo will attach surgical brushes or needles to the bronchoscope and insert it into your nose, down your throat and into your bronchi. He will then use the attached brushes or needles to collect tissue samples of the tumour from your lungs. These samples will be sent to the lab for testing and will be used to diagnose a lung condition that you may have.
  • Removal of foreign bodies in the airways
    During the procedure, Dr Dongo will insert a bronchoscope in your nose, down your throat. If there are foreign bodies that yo have inhaled, he will insert surgical tools through the bronchoscope and remove them. After removing the foreign bodies, he will then remove the bronchoscope.


A cardiothoracic surgeon is a specialist medical doctor who performs operations on the heart, lungs, esophagus, and other organs in the chest. Dr Lehlohonolo Dongo's Qualifications.


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